One Touch

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One Touch
Words and Music by Gill McFarlane
CCLI Number 3246681

Verse 1
Just one touch and my eyes were opened
One touch and my heart was healed
Just a touch and I knew for certain
Jesus, You are all I need

Verse 2
Just one word and the storm grew silent
The burdened and battered released
One word and the dead came to life
At your word my Prince of Peace

The best of friends, Jesus
You stood in my place
I am in awe of You
The Name above all Names
A touch, a word, everything changed
‘Cause You came, You came

Verse 3
In a moment this earth a shadow
The moment when heaven draws near
One sweet moment surrounded by glory
In the presence of the King

Post Chorus
I’ll never be the same again
Thank You, Lord, thank You