Bigger Than Anything

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Bigger Than Anything
Words and Music by Gill McFarlane
CCLI Number 7114052

Verse 1
There’s a sound growing around us
People hear it sung
It comes from the heart of those who know
That Jesus Christ has died and has risen
He calls His people on
To declare with strength and boldness
All that He has done

My God is very, very big
He’s bigger than anything
My God is Lord of heaven and earth
My God is very, very big
He’s the beginning and the end
My God has taken hold of my hand

Verse 2
The heavens declare His awesome glory
Jesus is the One
All of creation will shout His fame
Every tongue and every tribe will come out
Rejoicing in the Son
The Lamb of God our Shepherd
Victory He has won

My God is big
My God is strong
Magnificent, Almighty One
The El-Shaddai
He is my God