God Breaks Through

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God Breaks Through
Words and Music by Gill McFarlane
CCLI Number 7114054

Verse 1
Taste and see that the Lord, He is good
Countless stories, all we’ve seen, all we’ve heard
Grace and mercy have captured my heart
I am so thankful for this peace that I’ve got

My God breaks through for me, He will break through
Everyday into freedom, I’ll have a million reasons to
Praise him, oh-o praise Him, and praise Him, again and again

Verse 2
Eyes to see, ears to hear, call my name
It is you I run to, I’m following
In times of dark and doubting I will look up
And stand forever shouting, You are my God

He lays a table for me,
Before my enemies
He fights the battle for me
Gives me the victory

Bridge 2
He lays a table for me
He won the battle for me
Forever I will boast in Him
My God who rescued me