I Need You Lord

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I Need You Lord
Words and Music by Gill McFarlane
CCLI Number 7114056

I have the fire of the Spirit burning in my soul
I haven’t been the same since Jesus made me whole
I’m a hundred percent sold our for His cause
Raising my hands, in Him I will rejoice
Praise Him, praise Him, He is my Lord

Verse 1
Drawn by love before Your throne
Your grace has opened up the door
I’m comforted by Mercy’s kiss
And this I know, I need You Lord

Your perfect love, unending wisdom,
Amazing grace that won my freedom
The healing power of Your Kingdom
But there’s something (one thing) I need more
I need You, Lord

Verse 2
Jesus come, You have the key
This heart is thirsty, Oh, for more
I wait for You, I will be still
Because I know, I need You Lord

I believe, Jesus, I believe
Your promises my hope
Unshakeable and sure
I receive, Jesus, I receive
I put my hand in Yours
You are my reward